2017 Year-in-review

When I was younger I envisioned 2017 being a big year for me. I always felt in my soul it would be a pivotal year, that would mark a big event like marriage or the birth of a child. As I drew closer to 2017 I began to wonder what would happen because I became happily married in 2015 and my husband and I decided not to start our family yet.


My intuition proved to be trustworthy because 2017 did not disappoint and granted me with countless milestones. The two major ones were taking the plunge to be self-employed and becoming a home-owner! 

The following is a list of 17 business and personal highlights from 2017!

1.  Made my first gold ring.

2. Made my first wedding ring which led to many more throughout the year!

3. Was a seasonal vendor at the Whistler Farmers Market - one of the biggest in the province!

4. I travelled to California to see my best friend get married.

5. I was able to watch a beautiful and inspiring couple marry each other with rings I made! This particular moment was never on my bucket list until it happened. It was so rewarding to see my work fulfilling its purpose.

6. Made many new friends who I know will be in my life for a long time. 


7. I created a Limited Edition Canada 150 necklace which was approved by the Government of Canada. 

8. Travelled to many new places and ticked Tahoe, Crater Lake and Sunshine Coast off my bucket list. 

9. I spent most of the first month of being self-employed travelling! I was able to experience a summer and still make an income thanks to a few days at the Whistler Farmers Market.

10. I gained so many special clients who wholeheartedly believe in me and my work.


11. I was apart of the engagement of two good friends. He chose to ask the question with my Northern Lights ring. 


12. Moved from Whistler, BC to Big White Ski Resort.

13. I became a home-owner with my husband.

14. We tried adopting a dog which led to an important lesson in humility. It was hard to "fail" at our trial and return the dog, but made us realize that weren't ready. You can't force something when it's not meant to be. 

mt_iliamna_gold _ring

15. I made my first men's yellow and rose gold wedding ring.

16. I added to my wholesale accounts. Scenic Route Collection jewellery is now available in 7 boutiques throughout British Columbia and Alberta. 

17. I conquered my first official holiday season and surpassed my goals! I was able to say yes to almost every opportunity and have no regrets!


I don't know about you, but it was a little sad saying goodbye to such a fulfilling year. But it does get me excited for the opportunities and adventures that are before me in 2018.

Thanks so much for reading. I wish you all the best this year!




Brittani Buettner